Zoomers are part of Generation Z, or those born between the late 1990s and early 2000s. These individuals tend to be relaxed yet fast-paced at the same time; often expressing their opinions via Twitter.

      INSZoom can be configured to read government receipt notices and update foreign national data and case status, in addition to document scanning capabilities that uploads them directly into the documents menu on a Case Profile level.

      Social media

      Social media refers to an umbrella term for various online communication and networking platforms, from Facebook and Instagram to microblogging platforms like Twitter (X) and Zoomee, video hosting/streaming sites like YouTube/TikTok/Yelp etc.

      Social media provides multi-to-many communication, with users acting both as producers and consumers of content. Social media also facilitates community engagement, activism and awareness campaigns while creating novel forms of publishing – moving away from one-source publication towards two-way dialogic forms of publishing.

      Generation Z is heavily impacted by social media, using it as a communication channel between members of this generation and with those outside. They tend to exhibit global perspectives with strong commitments toward social change and sustainability. Furthermore, this group boasts high levels of digital literacy while engaging in activism online as well as participating in civic participation efforts offline.


      Websites are online directories accessible via the World Wide Web that organize files into an accessible home page. Hosted on servers connected to the Internet, websites can format and transmit information at anytime for global users 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

      Websites offer numerous advantages to their owners. A professional and eye-catching design can increase credibility for businesses while attracing more visitors and creating sales conversions. CERN technicians were responsible for creating the first website ever uploaded onto what would become known as the Internet.

      Zoomee processes receipt notice files, searches intelligent search parameters to locate relevant foreign national and case records, validates them if possible and uploads them into documents menu at case level and INSZoom documents section. Successful uploads are recorded in the Gov Notice Update Log Report which can be viewed via Manager/Partner Reports on the left menu.

      Mobile apps

      With more than 7.5 billion mobile devices worldwide, ensuring an outstanding app experience is more important than ever. A well-designed mobile app can lead to higher conversion rates and customer retention while helping businesses save both time and money.

      Work from any location with Zoom One, an all-in-one app that unifies team chat, whiteboarding and meetings into one convenient experience on Android and iOS smartphones. Plus, use it to control smart home devices!

      Accessible mobile apps are programs downloaded to smartphones and tablets that contain accessibility features, such as screen reading software, magnification features, optical character recognition (OCR), GPS/route planning capabilities and text-to-speech functions.

      Gen Z, the generation that follows millennials, was raised digitally and is used to having everything at their fingertips. Because this generation is the most tech-savvy and connected one ever seen online, brands must understand its behavior and how their apps impact it.

      Customer service

      Zoom’s video conferencing and screen sharing solutions enable your agents to deliver personalized remote customer service, making the customer’s journey through Zoom easier than ever before. Zoom also integrates seamlessly with Zendesk so agents can make Zoom calls from within Zendesk while working their call, giving agents full context on the customer they are speaking with while working through it.

      Zoom’s analytics enable supervisors to assess agent performance and identify areas for improvement, while learning from video call recordings managers can streamline calls or reskill employees based on need and performance.

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