SIM Registration TNT is mandated by Republic Act 11934 in order to protect customers against text scams and other forms of mobile fraud.

      Once all steps have been completed successfully, an SMS with your SIM registration control number and reference page will be sent directly to you as proof.

      How to register your SIM card

      Under the SIM Registration Act, all mobile subscribers are required to register their SIM cards; otherwise they risk automatic deactivation.

      Registering your SIM card requires both valid identification and reference number; either through online registration using the GH Self SIM Reg app, or visiting any Smart Store or GigaLife outlet.

      Registering your IoT SIM requires both its 19-digit First ICCID and 8-character Authentication Passcode which are printed on its reverse side. These details can also be entered bulk into the User Console.

      Step 1: Log in to your account

      Subscribers can quickly, easily, and conveniently register their SIM cards through this app from the comfort of their homes or offices – an efficient, quick, and hassle-free method that allows them to continue enjoying all the amazing offers and experiences from Smart and TNT.

      Once they complete all necessary information, subscribers will receive an SMS with their SIM Registration Control Number as a reference should any issues arise with registration.

      Step 2: Enter your personal information

      Under the SIM RegistrationTNT Act, Smart and TNT prepaid subscribers should register their SIM cards online in accordance with this process – making registration quick, easy, and secure.

      Registering your SIM card requires valid government-issued ID such as your passport, PhilSys national ID card, driver’s license or any other verified document with photo. Parents or legal guardians may register their children’s SIM cards under their names as well.

      An electronic signature tool like SignNow ensures that forms filled out online will be accepted and legally binding, adhering to leading legal frameworks such as ESIGN, UETA and eIDAS for electronic signatures.

      Step 3: Enter your IDs

      On submission, you’ll see a congratulatory pop-up message along with your SIM Registration Control Number – take note and store it safely!

      Fraudsters who target those without registered SIMs may use personal details such as names and phone numbers to gain entry to their accounts and gain access to personal data and communications services. Once inside, these scammers could hijack an individual’s phone account in order to gain entry and use it access personal data and communications services that have been stolen by fraudsters.

      No doubt this is why Republic Act 11934 mandates that SIM cards must be registered within 180 days from their activation date, in order to prevent fraudulent and unlawful activity.

      Step 4: Confirm your identity

      Biometric SIM registration will make it harder for individuals to spoof other users and reduce identity theft and fraud risks, while also decreasing fraudulent SIM cards being used for terrorist acts, kidnapping incidents or other criminal activities.

      But the system is far from foolproof, as cybercrime experts demonstrated by fake IDs with animal images still passing the verification process. To prevent being blacklisted, subscribers should make sure they use valid identification when registering their prepaid SIM.

      Step 5: Confirm your subscription

      With the GH Self SIM Reg App, registering your SIM card has never been simpler! Simply follow its easy instructions and register in no time at all!

      SMART reserves the right to disconnect or refuse to reconnect any subscriber found guilty of engaging in fraudulent or illegal activities as determined by the Company, including fraudulent billing practices or illegal conduct. A pre-termination fee may apply; please refer to your subscription agreement for more details.

      Additionally, any inherently defective TNT Data, Call, and Text Cards or GigaLife will be replaced within seven (7) days from date of purchase upon verification.

      Step 6: Get 3 GB FREE data

      Smart and its parent company PLDT have taken additional consumer protection initiatives such as blocking SIMs which send “smishing” text messages and blocking links leading to illegal activities.

      Take note of your SIM Registration Reference Number to serve as proof that you have successfully registered your SIM card, and check the box to certify all information entered is true and correct.

      Step 7: Confirm your subscription

      TNT provides an impressive selection of SMS, Voice, and Combo services. Their most popular offers are Unlitxt2all 20 which gives subscribers unlimited texts to all networks; or Sangkatutok 15 with two days twenty minutes of call time available only with TNT and Smart numbers.

      TNT recently unveiled an online video featuring AlDub in a sari-sari store to remind subscribers to register their SIM cards before the deadline of November 18th, as failure may incur fines of up to P300,000. According to Philippine law, public telecommunications entities must register the identity modules of subscribers in order to promote accountability and provide law enforcement agencies with identification tools.

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