Look at the Best Activities to Undertake In Kashmir Trip

      kashmir tourism

      Kashmir is an all-in-one travel destination for honeymoon, summer vacation, winter vacation and adventure trips. It is the perfect place for solo and group travel. Millions of travelers are willing to kashmir tourism to see the snowy landscapes, peaks and culturally rich places. When it comes to journey, people look at top attractions and major activities to do in Kashmir. One can enjoy most of the fun things during the Kashmir journey.

      Get ready for the shikara ride:

      If you want to enjoy a shikara ride, you can visit beautiful lakes like Nagin and Dal. Shikara ride is the most popular activity to do by tourists who travel to Kashmir valley. Shikara is similar to a gondola-type light rowing boat spot Dal Lake surface.

       It is perfect to get back and forth from the boat for a long time. During the ride, tourists can hear the chirping of birds and get close to the snow-covered peak. They discover all those things in the background and enjoy cherished memories for a lifetime. It lets people purchase from floating shops and eatables.

      Settle in a houseboat:

      When visiting Kashmir, travelers wish to reside in houseboat rather than resorts and hotels. Kashmir boathouse lets you stay in a convenient setting. Houseboat can design as per Kashmir architecture. It comes with a luxury bedroom, lounge room, separate dining and balcony.

      It is easy to view snow-capped peaks on the horizon. The boathouse always has rooftops to enjoy a pleasant evening. Some houseboats can design with the floating garden. Guests benefit from stunning amenities and beautiful views in the houseboat. 

      Visit the magnificent garden:

       Great Heaven on Earth manages a perfect blend of the picturesque and charming beauty. Many gardens in the valley witness Kashmir’s beauty. Mughal Garden is one of the popular places to see in kashmirIt is perfect for viewing the charbagh style of architecture by diverse Mughal courtiers and princes.

      The garden concept for leisure can initiate from the valley. It is rich in stunning, laid paths amidst green beauty, vibrant blossom, and a gurgling fountain. It captivates every visitor and lets them travel around the splendor of the verdant spread. 

      Horse ride in Kashmir:

      March to October is the best month for the horse ride in Kashmir Valley. For the horse ride, you can visit popular places like sanasar, Gulmarg, baisaran, chandanwari, and yousmarg. The scenic landscape charms all visitors. A horse ride is a good choice to travel to the magical location by dizzying heights and long distances.

      Tourists can identify horse in resorts. It is ideal for places where roads are never motorable in the highlands. For this concern, they pick up the horse to deal with trekking activity in the valley highlands. It requires a reasonable cost. During the horse ride, people must keep good and water very handy.

      Kashmir allows tourists to enjoy a variety of things and visit popular attractions that give a mesmerizing view and landscape. So, you can book an ideal package and enjoy a remarkable trip without hassle.  

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