Invisalign Tips That Will Blow Your Mind With Special Deals


      Considering Invisalign? There are some insider tips that most people don’t realize going into invisalign treatment with special discount that can make all the difference. Read on below for need-to-know advice that will blow your mind!

      Did you know that aligners can withstand hot coffee or tea? 

      While we don’t recommend making a habit of it, the exceptional heat resistance means you won’t damage aligners if accidentally exposed to high temperatures for a short time. Just be sure to remove and rinse immediately after if burning hot liquids make contact.

      Here’s another shocker – 

      you can actually wear aligners at night or during naps! Some people assume aligners need removal to sleep, but since they don’t restrict breathing like braces, you can comfortably snooze right on through. Just make sure to give your teeth and the aligners a thorough cleaning upon waking.

      Get ready for this one – 

      certain amounts of broken attachments during treatment are entirely normal! Tiny composites bonded to certain teeth can occasionally shear off with aligners during the complex rotational movements. Don’t panic if you notice an empty spot – just let us know so we can easily replace it.

      Did someone say vacation? 

      Many are astounded to learn that Invisalign can seamlessly accompany all your travels near and far. With handy aligner cases, you don’t need to worry about treatment lapses messing up progress while on the go. Just pack your kit and a small toothbrush.

      Surprised and ready to learn more mind-blowing facts? 

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      Be careful, the aligners can stain!

      Avoid dark-colored foods and drinks while wearing invisalign aligners. Curries, sauces, wine, coffee, and tea can stain the plastic, making your aligners look dirty and compromised. Stick to clear liquids and light fare to keep aligners crystal clear.

      Make the switch before you go to sleep

      Take aligners out before going to bed to brush and floss your teeth thoroughly. This prevents cavity-causing bacteria from getting trapped and ensures you start with a fresh, clean aligner set in the morning.

      2 hours of non-wear time

      Aim for just 2 hours maximum each day without aligners in. Tracking issues can occur if aligners are out of your mouth too long. Set reminders if needed to stay on track with 22 hours daily wear time.

      Water should be your first and only choice

      Water is the ideal beverage to drink with Invisalign in. Other sugary or acidic drinks can damage aligners over time and cause dental issues. Hydration is also key for progressing through treatment.

      Your oral hygiene will need to be a top priority

      Brush and floss after each meal before reinserting aligners. Leaving food debris behind leads to staining, odors, and plaque buildup that can impede tooth movement. Excellent hygiene is essential.

      Chewing gum is going to work in your favour

      Sugar-free gum with aligners in helps seat them and applies beneficial forces. Opt for a minty flavor for fresh breath too! Just remember to throw it out before taking aligners out.

      Never throw away your old aligners

      Keeping prior aligner sets safeguards your treatment investment should an aligner crack or go missing. Old sets also allow you to revert if needed for comfort until your teeth adjust.

      It’s not over until you finish wearing your Viveras

      Custom Vivera retainers are vital for locking in your straightened smile once treatment ends. Continue wearing these full-time, then nightly over the next year. Skipping this step risks teeth shifting back.

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