How to Redeem Credit Card Points and Maximise Them? 5 Ways and Strategies 

      how to redeem credit card points

      Knowing how to redeem credit card points can help you make the most of your card and your finances. In other words, swiping your credit card can become a gateway to earning points that you can translate into tangible rewards and savings. 

      As credit card companies communicate rewards proactively, it is fairly easy to find out about their redemption offers. Understand everything about accruing and using rewards to unlock the true power of your credit card.

      How to Redeem Your Credit Card Points

      As mentioned earlier, these points are the best way to maximise your savings. However, redeeming your points before they expire is crucial to avoid missing out on the benefits. 

      Here is how to redeem credit card points in different ways:

      Net Banking

      If you have a credit card from a bank, you can redeem the points through the bank’s Net Banking portal. All you have to do is log in to your account and choose the redemption option.

      Rewards Portal

      Credit card issuers also allow you to redeem points through their designated rewards portal. You can start by logging onto the portal, selecting the reward type, and confirming the transaction for redemption. You can then choose your benefit, based on your issuer’s offering.

      Mobile Application

      Most credit card companies have their dedicated mobile application where you can view your reward points. You can easily redeem these points by choosing the rewards category.

      Customer Support

      Apart from the online redemption processes mentioned above, you can also convert these points to cash by contacting the customer support team. The executive will explain the redemption process, and you can follow the steps.  

      Partner Store

      Many credit card companies partner with a merchant and allow you to directly redeem your points when you purchase from them. This way, you pay through your rewards and not through your available credit limit. Note that this will depend on the issuer, your card, and the merchant.

      How to Earn Reward Points on Credit Cards

      While the best strategy depends on your spending preference, you can accumulate credit card points in the following ways:

      Welcome Benefits

      Most credit card issuers allow you to earn bonus points when you subscribe to a credit card. However, these are offered on the condition that you spend a minimum amount in a certain period. 

      For instance, you may get 500 reward points if you spend ₹5,000 within 45 days of card activation. Note that this will also depend on the type of card you have.

      Standard Reward Points

      Almost every credit card in India lets you earn certain reward points whenever you make a purchase. You can get these points based on the base rate offered by your card. For instance, 

      • The issuer offers 2 points for every ₹100 you spend online. 
      • You spend ₹4,500 on an online portal
      • You earn 90 points

      With some of the premium credit cards, you can earn higher rewards every time you swipe your card. So, choose your card accordingly.

      Accelerated Benefits

      Some credit card companies partner with retailers to provide bonus points whenever the users swipe the card at their stores. For instance, if you have a travel credit card, you may enjoy higher reward points on booking air tickets or hotel stays.

      Loyalty Points

      Credit card companies offer this benefit to incentivise you to swipe your card more often. Note that the issuer may have some terms and conditions that make you eligible for these points. You may need to

      • Renew your card
      • Use the card often
      • Spend in certain categories

      Milestone Benefits

      You can earn these points on top of regular card points if you exceed a specific spending limit in a given timeframe. For instance, 

      • You can get 3X rewards if you spend more than ₹30,000 in the first quarter
      • You can get 5X rewards if you spend more than ₹50,000 in an anniversary year

      How to Maximise Your Benefits When Redeeming Credit Card Points

      Here are certain smart strategies and best practices to make the most out of your points:

      • Compare Redemption Options: Consider different options offered by the issuer and choose the one where you get the best benefit.
      • Fully Utilise Air Miles: As certain cards allow you to convert reward points into air miles, ensure that you use them entirely during your bookings.
      • Leverage Limited-Time Offers: Since special offers can come and go quickly, stay up-to-date and make the most of them.
      • Combine Your Points: If you have add-on cards, use them wisely and consolidate their points to earn higher rewards 
      • Choose a Free Credit Card: As annual and joining fees can offset the benefits of these points, apply for a free credit card to eliminate it. 
      • Pay Using Points: If the issuer allows it, you can also use reward points as cash when you swipe the card at partner stores.

      Credit card reward programs are powerful tools if you use them strategically. Knowing how to redeem credit card points will help you transform your everyday swipes into valuable rewards. 

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