How do you track a Southwest flight

      Booking a flight ticket and boarding on it at the right time makes your experience more smooth. Southwest flight tracking facility is available for the passengers who want to check the exact and real time status of their SW flight. This process is available online and at airport display also while if you want to track the live location of any particular flight of SW, there is an inbuilt flight tracker. Passengers can utilize it for checking or tracking the location of aircraft.

      Steps to Track a Southwest Flight status

      Consider the below mentioned steps for tracking any particular Southwest flight using the website portal or mobile application.

      1. Open the website portal or SW app.

      2. Navigate to the flight status option and select how you would like to check the status, using route or flight number.

      3. Passengers must enter the Flight number of route details in the relevant fields.

      4. Now you can see the status of the booked SW flight.

      Track Southwest flight Status Offline

      Passengers can subscribe to the notifications for getting the flight status related updates. Moreover, airport displays are also efficient for letting you know about the South West Flight status and tracking result of the Southwest flight. 

      Customer care representatives are also available to guide you if you are not able to track your Southwest flight or if it is delayed. You can get in touch with them with your existing details like flight number or route details.
      If you would want a friend to get email updates as the flight gets closer, you may set them up for notifications. They will get notifications on departure and arrival times, as well as in the event of a delay, cancellation, or divergence in the flight.

      Check Southwest flight Status using third party tools

      Users just pick the location they want to monitor using an interactive map. To view additional details, enlarge the selected area. The applicable flight may be selected by clicking on one of the aircraft icons on the map. Then, further information about the aircraft appears, such as the height at which it is currently flying and the airport of departure or destination. Third party tools only show planes that are now in route or are in the process of taking off or landing, which is a little limit to be aware of. An aircraft will be removed off the map as soon as it lands, usually within a few seconds. The depicted map would be filled with airplanes if it displayed every aircraft that is presently parked at the airport.

      What Southwest Flight status is not available

      The session’s end after around thirty minutes as a result. This indicates a disruption in the service. This disruption is required to reallocate resources away from users who are only using the website in the background and toward active users. Users may simply reload the page to resume following flights once their session has expired.  There’s a good reason why this internet service is becoming more and more well-known. As was previously said, for almost every flight, valuable data may be pulled up.
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