From Sustainable Farming To Sustainable Fabric Supplier, Let’s Open Pandora’s Box For Hope For Posterity

      We have been taught since kindergarten, to not be wasteful. Why, then, what is preached since such a young age to each individual is not followed? Have we been taking the Earth for granted? Yes, we have been doing so and we have begun seeing the results of being rash and selfish with Nature.It’s better late than never, isn’t it? Let’s hope sustainable ways of atonement towards nature will bring us good.

      Understanding sustainability

      The most appropriate definition of sustainability comes from the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development: “sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” This is why businesses also have adopted an approach that is minimally negative towards environment. These days people are opting not just organic food and face products but also, moving towards apparel made of organic/sustainable fabrics. These fabrics include organic cotton, wool, bamboo fabric, jute, bio fabricated leather and so on. 

      Importance of sustainable fabrics

      Did you know that fashion industry is the second-largest contributor to water pollution? That happens because the garments are made of materials that take decades to biodegrade during which they release microplastics into the environment. If you keep track of current affairs, you might know that in Trindade island (off the coast of Brazil), plastic rocks were found. It is disheartening how deep human created pollution has seeped into the earth’s geology.

      As a method of waste reduction, sustainable fabric suppliers are making headway. The most appealing fact about these fabrics is that they are not treated with chemicals like synthetic fabrics which makes them skin-friendly, hence, safer for human health. 

      It is progressively developing throughout the globe as people are becoming increasingly environment conscious. Which is why it is imperative to source fabrics from sustainable clothing wholesale suppliers. We have experienced time and again that exploiting nature has always resulted in disasters. If we walk in harmony with nature, the better life will be on earth. Why shouldn’t we take the ‘go green’ motto seriously? Earth is the only place for us today and for the posterity. 

      If you have doubts about the durability of organic products, let me cite an example for you. Have you ever visited a museum where paintings from 18th and 19th centuries are preserved? It was an era where canvas painting was not common. The organic paints sourced from flowers and vegetables and brushes made of dove feathers were used. Those paintings still possess that charm with which they were originally painted. Even the method of preservation was not synthetic. Poison was applied on the painting to preserve the colour and freshness. I have witnessed the beauty of those paintings, so, I can assure you. Isn’t it unnecessary to depend on polluting materials when there is plenty in nature that can be used? With the technology available today, it is possible to be modern and green.

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