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      In the majority of instances carpets in offices and other commercial facilities are often overlooked. Cleaning and maintenance of these items are hardly thought about. Probably the reason is the carpets lie under the foot. As your employees and visitors enter into your commercial facility they invariably bring with them dirt, grime and even harmful microbes from outdoors. All these grime, dirt and bacteria get trapped in your carpet. Gradually this affects the indoor air quality of your facility. Poor indoor air quality in turn affects productivity and employee health. Dirty carpets also contribute to making of negative impressions of your office. In this scenario let us discuss few professional tips in the paragraphs below to have cleaner carpets in your office.

      These effective commercial carpet cleaning tips are provided by no one else but one of the most reliable commercial carpet cleaning experts in London. 

      Vacuum a carpet often

      Carpets are a costly décor item. You vacuum a carpet at regular intervals and its lifespan will extend. Dirt and grit do not only make your carpet look shabby but those factors also wear a carpet down. If you ever look under a microscope you will see dirt, grit, sand and debris have more of a sharp and jagged edge. If you allow these factors build-up on your carpet they prove abrasive and harmful for carpet fabric. These build ups even if allowed to stay on carpet surface for a short time they do all the possible damages. As foot traffic comes along the build ups get crushed and smashed and your carpet looks duller, more fraying and worn out. This not only robs a carpet its appearance but also wears it down pretty fast. So you may have to replace it with a new one. But if you take proper care of your carpet, it will easily last you years together. Regular vacuuming not only pulls up dirt and grit from a carpet surface but your commercial space too looks and smells much better.

      No need to wait till a carpet gets visibly dirty and soiled

      The cost of maintenance for a commercial premise or space is quite high. Therefore it is quite tempting to delay tasks like carpet cleaning till the time it cannot be put on hold any more. But this is financially more dampening the other way. While your carpets linger on getting a wash and keep becoming dirtier people coming into your office automatically notice a visibly dirty carpet. A well run commercial premise or space must wear its best look round the clock. Moreover a carpet is a costly item. A carpet that is cleaned regularly definitely looks better. It also lasts much longer to save you money on buying a new one. Carpet sellers may convince you to wash your carpets every six months. But you should better not buy that suggestion. Get your carpets cleaned regularly. Do not wait till a carpet gets visibly soiled and dirty.

      Stay away from bonnet carpet cleaning

      Regular cleaning of carpets is necessary to ensure better maintenance and longer life of these items. One of the best commercial carpet cleaners based in London has an important suggestion in the ongoing context. According to them some carpet cleaning methods actually result in detriment of carpets. For example – the bonnet cleaning method; it is something that a trained, skilled and experienced carpet cleaner in London will ever recommend customers. This procedure removes the dirt on the surface. But at the same it pushes more amount of dirt into the pile of a carpet. Moreover residual detergent often attracts more and fresh dirt to make your carpet both look and feel dirty. In short the bonnet method is actually abrasive in nature. It usually takes a significant toll on carpets that are already little torn, loose or snagged.   

      Avoid too much cleaning solution

      Usually the office carpet cleaning companies that use substandard carpet cleaning procedures or have poorly trained employees end up using excessive amount of cleaner and solution. This leaves a residue of the chemicals. This is never good for any carpet.

      Some carpet cleaning procedures are definitely better

      There are quite a number of carpet cleaning procedures that are both effective and pocket-friendly. In fact these innovative procedures can keep your carpets cleaner. One of the best methods is the truck mounted hot water extraction. A powerful machine heats water in a service truck. Then hot water and carpet cleaning solution are applied to the carpet through the hot water extraction cleaning machine. This removes the dirt. The procedure requires trained and skilled pairs of hands. The machine has a powerful suction. It pulls out the dirt, grim, debris from the carpets to make them cleaner and sanitised. This process even allows your carpet to dry fast. 

      Another effective procedure that is worth mentioning is the Whittaker carpet cleaning. It is a dry cleaning, low moisture and encapsulation method. The dry encapsulation procedure relies on polymers to trap soil and debris. The polymers act like sponges to pick up the dirt and the grime. The procedure cleans carpets both at the surface and deep in the pile. The polymer solution then dries quickly while trapping dirt into the dry substance. Lastly a carpet is vacuumed to get your carpet clean. Damp residues are known to make carpets dirty fast. In Whittaker procedure does not leave behind any damp residue. Thus your carpet stays cleaner longer.     

      Green or eco friendly carpet cleaning

      Both carpet cleaning methods and products have come a long way across the years. As a result green, eco friendly products are available in the market. This range of carpet cleaning is highly effective in removing dirt, soil, grime and debris from your carpet. Thanks to green carpet cleaning solutions the use of harsh chemicals and solvents has shrank to a large extent in the recent times. Those harsh chemicals and solvents not only have a negative impact on carpets but also on your indoor air quality. This is high time to shift to eco friendly or green carpet cleaning products. For any further details you can also contact any commercial carpet cleaning company in London.

      Never be patient with stainsVIP Carpet Cleaning London is a widely trusted name in cleaning and sanitising carpets. Trained and skilled experts associated with the brand are of the opinion that older stains on carpets are much tougher to get rid of than fresh stains. Therefore you should never wait to take necessary action against staining and soiling of your carpet.

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